PKB software tracks usage. We make these statistics available to customers so that they can monitor adoption of the service.


As described in our privacy policy PKB does not have access to any of the data inside the record. Clinical data is encrypted and we do not have the decryption keys.

PKB simply records the number of transactions i.e. the number of data points and messages added to the PKB record. The transaction reports do not contain patient identities.

The transactions and usage reports are aggregated by clinical teams i.e. the transactions for all the patients linked to a single team appear in the reports for that team with no report on an individual patient.

Statistical Data and Reports

Our stats reports according to the timestamps of data: whether activity has occurred in the last week (Sunday to Sunday), last 4 weeks or within the last year. We also report a total for each team. Activity is defined as the following:

Records created

Describes how many records were created in PKB for a patient, professional, coordinator, non team professional or carer within the specified time period, last week, last 4 weeks, or total (since the team went live).

Patient and Professional Activity

Describes Patient and Professional Activity logging into PKB at least once in the past 4 weeks.

Records with ID verified

Describes the number of those records created within last week, 4 weeks or ever, that have the ID of the user verified.

When records are created by a team who knows the patient, ID is already known (and records created will equal the number with ID verified). Where patients self-register with teams, patient's ID needs to be verified to validate the record within PKB.

Records with email set

Describes the number of records created within the last week, 4 weeks or ever, that have the users email address added to it.

Adding the Record user's email address to their PKB record triggers an invite to be sent to their email address, inviting them to register for the record, so they can start to use it with their healthcare team.

Records registered

Describes the number of those records created in the last week, 4 weeks and ever that have been registered for by the user. This means the user has received the email invitation to their PKB record, completed the registration process and logged in for the first time.

Data Transfer and Messages Sent

Describes the number of HL7 messages and Secure Discussion messages sent per week.

As our technology develops, we want to better report the composition of data within the records of the teams PKB records. To do this we will report:

  • Total new data by data type (e.g. diagnoses, allergies, symptoms) and source:

    • sent by institutions' software using HL7 or REST APIs

    • sent by devices

    • added manually

  • Number of users with receiving data from an external database and the type of database (e.g. NCRAS for cancer data, EMIS for UK GP data)

  • New encounters sent this week by patient/ carer and professional

  • Type of new encounters added each week (Virtual, GP, Emergency, Inpatient) and source

  • User accounts created, invited (email sent to user), registered (user completed registration process and logged in for the first time) and user account active (logged in twice or more) this week, and total for:

      • Patient users

      • Professional users

      • Carers

      • Non team users

  • Non team users registered each week

  • Logins over 24 hour period and unique logins over 24 hour period for each type of user (professional/ carer and patient)

  • PKB platform activity by team every day: visits per local time 24hour period to PKB PHR website by team

    • Divided by professionals

    • And patients/ carers

  • Total number of devices connected to records in PKB.

Dashboards are currently updated at the start of every week with the previous week's data.

Accessing Reports

We currently send Organisation a weekly deployment summary with the weekly figure.

"Organisation Dashboards" contains graphs on activity and account creation. "Break The Glass stats" contains data on Break The Glass Events. "Professionals Created" contains details on your organisations' progress on creation and validation of new professionals.

Each dashboard contains filters to allow you to interact with the data/ graphs. "Organisation Filters" let you select specific organisations (if applicable within your project). "Date" or "Timeframe" filters let you select only data from certain time frames. "Team Filters" let you select specific teams to see data on.

Break the Glass Dashboard