Creating a PKB Kiosk

If you would like to provide kiosk access for patients to use when they come into the service this can easily be achieved with a tablet computer. Here we have explained the set up process using a Windows 10 tablet, detailing the necessary steps to lock down some of the tablet functions so the user is guided straight to PKB.

If this is something you are interested in setting up please get in touch with the Customer Success team for assistance

Set Sim-card internet as default

  • In the internet settings in the bottom right corner of the tablet, select the sim card in-built and follow instructions

  • You can select the sim-card as being the default

Create Chrome kiosk mode shortcut

  • Follow the instructions listed here, with “” as the target URL

  • You want to place this shortcut onto the desktop

Auto start kiosk on login

Auto login with booting of tablet

Removing desktop items

  • Delete all unnecessary icons from the desktop

  • Simply right click on an icon, and select delete

Remove trash bin

Remove icons from start menu

Remove icons from bottom bar, and set to autohide

Hide and disable Cortana

Hide the action centre on the right

Attach keyboard

  • Attach the keyboard to the tablet and the tablet should automatically recognise that the keyboard is there and should work

Change background and screensaver