NHS Wayfinder

About the Wayfinder Programme


The aim of the Wayfinder Programme is to provide patients with better, more consistent information and choice to navigate and manage their care. One of the ways this is being achieved is through improvements to the NHS App, empowering patients to take an active role in managing their elective care pathway whilst providing them with increased choice and transparency.


Patients currently receive limited digital communications on the status and waiting times for diagnosis and treatment, when they are referred to an elective care pathway. Research suggests that patients want greater access and control over their care. In particular, the way that they can view and manage their appointments.


  • Increased integration between the NHS App and PKB providing interactive functionality for appointment notifications, cancelations and re-scheduling.

  • Increased patient understanding of how long they can expect to wait.

  • Embed the NHS App/NHS login as a key component in the patient journey and simplifying how patients can access their health information.

  • Reduced waiting times and lower DNAs leading to improved care.

  • Offer more communication routes to support patients on their care pathways through app signposting.

What functionality will be available ?

Building on the existing functionality, patients will be able to use their NHS app to:

  1. View all appointments in a single place, across health care providers.

  2. View waiting time information.

  3. Access to relevant, locally curated resources whilst waiting for care.

  4. Provide a single point of contact for patients.

  5. Access clinic outcome letters (Post Beta functionality - Autumn 2022).

  6. Alerts and notifications (Post Beta functionality - Autumn 2022).

  7. View pre-consultation questionnaires (Post Beta functionality - Autumn 2022).

  8. Book, change and cancel appointments (Post Beta functionality - Autumn 2022).

Supporting Information:

  • Appointment Integration Guidelines: Supporting information for Trust Integration Teams

  • Appointment Considerations: Understanding and considering what appointments you are actually going to send and if any cohorts of patients need to be excluded from this

  • Wayfinder Programme Comms pack - coming soon

  • Joint letter to Trusts from NHS England & NHS Improvement and Patients Know Best (below)

Contact us

For more information please contact wayfinder.comms@nhs.net or ask your Patients Know Best team.