Testing Environments

PKB has a number of different test environments using for training and testing purposes.

There are two test environments:

Both servers have the same database back-end and so, have the same test data and test login credentials. This makes it possible to switch between the stable version of PKB and the new features version using the same credentials to compare the two.

For integration testing, there is one test environments

The code on this environments is in sync with production, and isupdated at the same time as production to ensure customer testing is not disrupted.

It is important for users to remember that these are all test environments. No user should expect any more security than when using a simple external server. For this reason we emphasise that real patient data should not be uploaded or entered into these test environments.

Testing scripts

Below is an example test script used by PKB and our customers to test new features as well as comprehensively reviewing the full functionality of PKB. Please click on the script to open it in a new tab.