NHS Login

The functionality below will be available in production systems March 2020. PKB is actively developing and testing with key customers. If you would like to be included please contact your success team project manager.


Single sign-on from NHS Login - so patients no longer need to enter their PKB credentials to see their PKB record.

Linkage for NHS App including phone biometrics - so users no longer need to enter a password to log into the NHS App and see their PKB record.

PKB identity verification through NHS Login - patients can register for a PKB record without needing to verify identity by going to hospital or receiving a letter.

Patient usage

From March 2020 the NHS App's NHS login will allow a patient to automatically sign into their PKB record.

From June 2020 the PKB web site will allow patients to log into their PKB record with their NHS login.

This will automatically apply across all PKB pages, including those customised for customers.