Deployment Process

When a customer or institution deploys Patient Know Best software, it is important to understand that the steps involved will be individual to that deployment, however we have created a simple task-list of what is generally involved in the deployment process and this is shared with the institution via our on-line project management tool.

You can also see this in diagrammatic form at the end of this page

1) Project Initiation - Week 1

  • PKB presentation and draft contract papers

  • Contract signed

  • Client details added to PKB contact database & Help-desk

  • Draft Project Initiation Document with known aims and objectives

  • A workflow should be agreed answering the following questions:

    • Which clinicians at the institution need to be on the system?

    • Which patients need to be on the system, and how will they be recruited? Remotely, in clinic, or both?

    • Which clinicians outside the institution need to be on the system? How will they be recruited?

    • Of the existing clinical/admin workflows, what can be migrated to PKB?

  • Arrange Kick Off Meeting with all relevant parties (IG, IT, Clinical & administrative staff, client project manager)

  • Set up online project plan for collaborative working on PKB project management tool- Add PID, meeting notes, client project team

  • Arrange regular check ins / Catch up calls to monitor progress of project following kick-off meeting

2) Evaluation Strategy - Week 1 - 2

  • Define how & when the service will be evaluated (feedback/surveys/what outcome measures can be captured)

  • Map process of evaluation including timelines

  • Design and build evaluation tools

3) Communications strategy - Week 1 – 4

  • Decide on communications strategy ( via posters, leaflets, videos for website, email, events)

    • Decide on communications strategy for patients

    • Decide on Comms for professionals & admin not directly involved in service

    • Decide on comms for professionals & admin directly involved in pilot

  • Create communications documentation

  • Publish communications

4) Identify teams needed for integration and arrange meetings for developers - Week 1 – 2

  • Imaging Integration

  • Pathology Integration

  • PAS/Case Management Integration

5) Design and sign-off PKB content - Week 2 - 4

  • Team send site artwork to PKB for design edits & upload (Logos/footers etc)

  • PKB build Test site and share log in details with team

  • PKB Upload Logos and footers to PKB test site

  • Team design care plan content & send to PKB to build

  • Team decide on and upload Library Links and files to use for site library and individual libraries

  • Team design which consultations to use in PKB and create templates

  • Team decide on Patient Welcome Message

  • Team decide on which symptoms to track and alarm thresholds

  • PKB obtain survey templates and upload to PKB

  • PKB build any HTML care plan requested and add to site

  • Team sign off all documents on test site and request for site to go LIVE to PKB with lead coordinator email address and details

  • PKB Create LIVE site

6) Pathway Design - Week 2 - 4

  • Meet with clients project team and decide on how the service will incorporate PKB into their current processes and pathways

  • Design patient sign up process

  • Map coordinator & clinicians use of PKB - how PKB fits into their processes, utilising all elements of PKB that would benefit patients and the service.

  • Roles and responsibilities need to be assigned against each task/step in the workflow, e.g. who is responsible for informing patients & clinicians about PKB, who is responsible for ensuring registration is completed successfully, who is responsible for ensuring patient records are sent, who is responsible for technical issues/support

  • Identify PKB Leads and all coordinators and clinicians - Obtain list of coordinator and clinicians using PKB.

  • A super-user should be designated as the primary technical contact within the institution, who is the first line of technical support, and is the primary technical liaison with PKB. This person will be contacted about product feature changes, enhancements, etc. as well as downtime, known problems, etc. (This could be the administrator and/or project manager.)

7) Train Team - Week 2 – 4

  • Train Coordinators

  • Train Clinicians

  • Train full team in Patient view

8) Go Live Week - 4 – 6

  • Live site created for team

  • Organisation affiliated with network or other teams as required

  • Approved content transferred to live site

  • Lead coordinator added to live site

  • Lead coordinator registers & activates account

  • Lead coordinator creates additional coordinator accounts

  • Team coordinators to set up symptom tracking as agreed on Go Live.

  • Coordinator creates professional accounts

  • Professionals set up as contactable on PKB by coordinator on Go Live

  • All professionals to set out of office as needed on Go Live

  • Patient accounts created

    • Patient receives registration email and activates account (If account already exists - patient will just accept/decline invitation to new team)

    • Patient sets sharing preferences

9) Post deployment support - Ongoing

  • Arrange catch-up calls/visits

  • Post deployment sign-off - PKB to liaise with team to ensure they are confident with deployment