Information Governance

PKB has full documentation for information governance teams. The page below documents the process for completing IG sign-off in a PKB deployment.

Process for signing IG documents

  1. Commercial Contract is signed between customer and PKB
  2. PKB project manager sends email introducing customer IG representative to PKB IG team (
  3. PKB IG team sends overview of PKB information governance and documentation
  4. PKB IG team schedule introduction call with customer IG team. Meeting should include PKB project manager. The call includes discussing the ISA/DPA/AA and IG considerations
  5. PKB project manager starts Assurance Criteria documentation
  6. PKB IG team creates PKB-customer ISA / DPA / AA documents
  7. PKB legal team sends PKB-customer ISA / DPA / AA documents for electronic signing
    1. CC PKB project manager
    2. CC PKB IG team
    3. CC customer’s programme manager
  8. Signed IG documents filed and data sharing begins.