Electronic signing

Signing documents electronically is legally binding and more efficient than signing paper. PKB uses HelloSign to manage the electronic signing. The instructions below are to help customers sign PKB's documents, as well as sign their own documents for local information sharing agreements.

Setting up a document for signing

1. Prepare the document you want to sign. You can use Word, PDF or Google Docs. It is best to enter all the details in advance, e.g. the name and title of each signatory, rather than adding these fields for filling in the electronic signature form.

2. Choose who should sign the document e.g. "me & others" or "just others".

3. Choose the document to use.

4. Enter the names and email addresses of the signatories. If there are more than 2, click "Add Signer" until you have the right number.

5. Click "Add CC" to add the email addresses of other people who should be notified about the signature process. This is a really useful feature, it keeps project managers and other non-signatories posted of the signature process as well as providing them with copies of the final signed documents.

6. Click "Prepare docs for signing" to position the fields for signatures and signing dates (see below).

7. Fill out the "Title" field with the name of the document. Make it detailed and specific to make it easy for others to find in their email inbox.

8. Fill out the message for signers. It's useful to put your phone number for others to call you in case they get stuck.

9. Click "Request signature".

Prepare docs for signing

Clicking "Prepare docs for signing" allows adding fields to the document.

6.1. Scroll down to the page you want to add the field to. It is easier to scroll before you add the field.

6.2. Click and drag a field onto the part of the document you want it to appear. The most important are "Signature" and "Sign Date".

6.3. Choose who should fill out the field. If the field is for you to fill, choose "Me (now)" from the drop-down list. Make sure the "Required" box is ticked for signature and date.

6.4. After you have added all the fields, click "Continue".

Signing the document

10. The next signatory will receive an email with a link asking them to click to sign. Everyone else (including the people on the CC list) will receive an email telling them that what this signatory has to do.

11. Once all signatories have signed, everyone (including the people on the CC list) will receive an email with a PDF attachment. The PDF will include everyone's signatures and completed fields.