Orthopaedic Teams

Patients Know Best (PKB) has been used by different Orthopaedic teams, from post-operative care, physio and rheumatology teams to better manage their cohort of patients.

Current problems

  • Teams experience a high level of face to face appointments

  • Telephone conversations are lengthly

  • Teams want to give patients online resources to support self-manage

  • Teams want patients to have access to their blood results

  • Teams want to do digital consent

PKB solution


  • Pre clinic questionnaires

  • Quality of life questionnaires


  • Patients have access to secure messaging (saving time on the phone)

  • Admin team can triage, either resolve or pass onto the nursing team


  • A wealth of resources, including websites and physio videos

Care plans:

  • Individualised templates with escalation plans

  • A place to track and record symptoms

  • Pain scores

  • Post and pre-operative plans


  • Blood results

  • Clinic, appointment and discharge letters


  • Individual care plans

  • Online resource library

  • Secure messaging between patients & team

  • Digitally appointment letters and appointments

  • Access to laboratory results

  • Symptom and measurement tracker

  • Digital consent

  • Patient answers consultation and PROMs in PKB

  • PAS adds patient to the relevant team in PKB (i.e. hip/knee/shoulder team)

Example Goal for using PKB

  • A Rheumatology service wanted to reduce patient telephone calls. Patients have access to their blood results into their record thus reducing the need for outpatient appointments, saving time for more urgent cases. Patients can also order prescriptions through secure messaging the clinical team, thus creating a better patient experience.

Workflow for Orthopaedic patients

How PKB can be used in preop and post operative assessment by giving patients access to their PKB record using the care plan and consultation functionality.

Workflow for orthopaedic consent

Teams can use a care plan feature to do informed consent before operations and procedures, this workflow diagram shows how teams can send the consent care plan to their patients to look over and sign before they come into clinic/hospital. For more information on how PKb managed consent please click here.

Further information: