Leaflets and posters

Below are example leaflets and posters used by customers that you can draw inspiration from when producing material for your own patients. The tri-fold leaflet is the more generic leaflet, covering all the different features available in PKB. It is important, where possible, to customise your materials to focus on the features your organisation will be using primarily.

Given that PKB is an evolving product, we have kept screenshots of the site to a minimum so that resources are not out of date too quickly, instead focusing on describing the features and including FAQ's patients will have.

Below are examples of the leaflets that have been produced by customers, or our internal team. In some cases, it is possible to personalise these for your organisation by adding your logo and trust name etc. Please request the downloadable version from your success team member who will be happy to provide it and to help with any changes required.

Personal Health and Care Record Leaflet v4.pdf
PKB Information Sheet - Template.pptx

The following patient leaflet, has been created by PKB for East Cheshire Trust, designed for their ECT maternity patients. The leaflet focuses on the key features the team want the mothers to use. You may want to consider how to tailor the leaflet to your patient cohort, focusing on their key concerns.

East Cheshire PKB Maternity Infographicv2.pdf

The tri-fold leaflet below can be printed directly and is used as a generic information leaflet on PKB.

TriFold Explainer.pdf

Below is an example of a patient leaflet designed for the Breast Care Unit at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. This leaflet is designed to give patients information about what data they will have access to, and how they can register with their PKB record.

PKB patient leaflet_190221.pdf

The following leaflet, put together for the Care Information Exchange project in North West London, is designed for patients accessing Mental Health services. You may want to consider how to tailor the leaflet to your patient cohort, focusing on their key concerns and what would pique their interest in PKB.



Powerpoint file with five different posters (add your logo in the top-left corner)


The following poster was designed by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for their Maternity patients.

Antenatal Health Records Jul 2019.pdf