Apply your brand colours to PKB

You can change the colours of PKB software to match those of your organisation and team brands.

Note: This customisation is in addition to your ability to choose the logo, header and footer artwork during your site set-up.

We do not usually recommend colour changes because the standardised PKB colours were chosen to suit the needs of people who experience problems with their colour and vision. However, if your organisation decides to use your own colour scheme, please do so carefully and carry out testing for colour and vision problems.

To set up your colours, please contact the PKB team with your choices.

How to provide colour codes

PKB needs the colours as HTML colour codes i.e. a series of # and six characters, e.g. #000000 for black or #ffffff for white

These are the parts you can re-colour:

  • Background: the background colour of the page. This should be a light colour to allow for sufficient contrast with the black text which appears against the background on most pages.

  • Button accent: the colour of the small buttons, and the chevrons within the large buttons.This should be a strong colour to provide sufficient contrast with the white icons

  • Dashboard menu and sub-page menus. We can change the icons to white to allow for deeper colours to be used.

Things to take into account:

  • Accessibility: make sure that the colour-contrast of the background and foreground is at least 3:1

  • Match between your system and PKB: try to use similar colours for similar components (e.g. backgrounds, buttons, menus). The user interface should be familiar for the user.