Delivery Approach

Your campaign should be delivered in tandem, in two phases:

Phase 1: Pre-registration - Engaging health and care teams

The pre-registration phase is the optimum time to promote PKB to health and care teams to gain buy-in ahead of registering patients. With project teams busy behind the scenes setting up the technical integration, this is a good time to start preparing your staff for what’s to come.

Getting healthcare professionals on board early is key for effective patient engagement, patient activation and to achieve successful registration, uptake and long-term utilisation – some of the key performance indicators for many project teams. Your campaign should be clear and engaging, highlighting the benefits of adopting PKB and providing details about how the system will be rolled out (i.e. phased approach with timescales) and the training that will be offered to support each team.

Phase 2: Registration - Engaging patients and carers

Once the technical integration is completed and data is successfully flowing into the patient's health record, you should push 'full steam ahead' to launch your patient and public communications campaign. The more patients that register to use PKB, the bigger the benefits your organisation will see.

However, registration is a long-term process. As such, your communications campaign should be actively delivered over a 12-24 month period, before continuing to register patients in your business as usual activity.

Communications Plan Template

PKB Comms Plan Template