Creating a page on your website

You may find it beneficial to host your patient information resources about PKB online as a page on your own organisation website- a key reason for doing this rather than paper information is that the website can be repeatedly and swiftly updated so that patients are always seeing the latest information and guidance from you and professionals avoid giving out out-of-date leaflets. PKB is a constantly evolving product and so it is highly likely that your organisations usage and patient engagement with PKB will evolve over time.

If you would like any help designing a page for your organisation's website please get in touch with your Success Team contact who will be happy to supply you with the appropriate links and resources.

Care Information Exchange, North West London

The Care Information Project in North West London has included a page about the project on their website where the log in option at the top of the page points straight to the PKB log in page re-designed with the organisation's branding and design

Physiotherapy service, Torbay and South Devon

The Physiotherapy service in South Devon hosts a page within their trust website detailing how the service is using PKB for appointments booking and pre-appointment assessment questionnaires.

The page contains FAQs as well as step by step instructions on how to register and request an appointment with clear screenshots. The hyperlinks to create an account/ register as a new user point to the team specific registration page and the button marked "Already registered? Login into your Patients Know Best account" takes the user to the standard log in screen at