Apply your brand colours to PKB

You can change the colors of PKB software to match those of your organisation and team brands. This customization is in addition to your ability to choose the logo, header and footer artwork during your site set-up.

Usually the PKB team does not recommend color changes because we chose the standard PKB colors for the needs of people with problems with their color vision. So if you do want to use your own colors you must do so carefully and test for color vision problems.

To set up your colors contact the PKB team with your choices.

How to provide color codes

PKB needs the colors as HTML color codes i.e. a series of # and six characters, e.g. #000000 for white or #ffffff for black.

To generate the color codes you can use this site.

These are colors to provide

  • Background: the background color for most of the page.
  • Dashboard button: the color of the big buttons for different parts of the patient's record.
  • Heading: the color of the large text in a page e.g. the title of the page or the welcome text on the dashboard
  • Menu bar: the stripe of color at the top of the page showing
  • Button accent: the color of the small buttons, and the chevrons within the large buttons
  • Link: the color of links in page