Maternity Teams

Maternity teams are using PKB to give expectant mothers and parents more control in their pregnancy and birth, providing them with care plans, a resource library (created by the team) and blood results, clinical and appointment letters (sent to the patient's record from the hospital integration with PKB). These care plans and data empower the women/parent to feel more in control and build relationships with their midwife. PKB gives women the ability to have their maternity data in one place which is accessible to anyone looking after them. The patient's record is designed to be shared digitally with a birth partner/doula or private midwife.

Benefits for midwives and patients

  • A digital birthing plan that is sharable to anyone involved in the pregnancy

  • Personalised care plan for antenatal and postnatal care

  • Secure messaging between patients & midwife team, direct messaging avoid long call waits

  • Digitally appointment letters and appointments, no missed appointments

  • Laboratory results, no unnecessary phone calls to find out results

  • Receive maternity outcome letters digitally

  • Digital Maternity notes

  • A place for all a patients maternity care to happen

  • Maternity symptom and measurement tracker

Maternity Care Plans

Giving women/parents a digital care plan, My Choices for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond care plan will allow them to have access and share the care plan with anyone involved in their care. Midwives don't rely on the patient bringing it to their appointment.

If a woman has complications related to their pregnancy, i.e. high blood pressure the team can start them on the high blood pressure care plan pathway, where they can monitor their blood pressure at home and track any symptoms related to their high blood pressure in pregnancy.

Team-Based Messaging

Within the women's PKB record, they have the ability to message their specialist teams, have a personalised care plan, and a place to track and monitor any symptoms and measurements throughout their pregnancy.

Add and viewing data

Women/parents have the ability to view data sent to their record from the hospital integration, such as their maternity blood tests and to add information about themselves, like their past medical history, any operations or conditions. Women can also track their weight and blood pressure and add any symptoms related to their pregnancy.

Maternity Library Example


Women/parents will have the maternity team attached to the woman record, they can also add anyone else attached to their care, ie a Doula, private midwife, their birth partner and any other health care professionals from any preexisting conditions they have.

Maternity comms example

When offering PKB to your maternity cohort, it's very important to give them information on how they can use their PKB record to manage their pregnancy and what key features the team are going to use with them throughout their pregnancy, ie care planning and the ability to message the team.

East Cheshire PKB Maternity Infographicv2.pdf

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