Paediatric Access

Children aged between 11 to 16 can have access to their PKB record, with either their email address being added to their PKB record and/or a parent/guardian being added as a carer. This supports the current process within the Organisation when a child of 11 to 16 years of age wants access to their medical record.

In accordance with existing local policies, PKB recommends that professionals manually register a child with their own email address (without requiring a carer to be added) using their clinical judgement. This is following, for example, a Gillick competence test or a Fraser guidelines assessment of the child’s understanding of benefit and risks from having access to their record.

Child 11-16 access workflow

Importance of children having access to their PKB record

A child having access to their medical information can help them manage their care better. Having important health information – such as immunization records, lab results and clinic letters all in one place, that they can access any time, is key.

Parent/guardian access

A parent or guardian of a child aged 11 to 16 can request to have access to a child’s PKB record at any time. The team looking after the child will need to gain consent from the child and check their Electronic Medical Record for safeguarding flags. Once it's been confirmed that there isn't any reason not to give the parent or guardian permission, the health care professional or coordinator can add the parent/guardian as a carer to the child's record with their email address.

Parent/guardian access workflow

Adding a parent/guardian

Before adding the parent/guardian as a carer, it's very important for the professional or coordinator to check if the parent/guardian already has a PKB patient record created in the Organisation (Org). This can be done, by logging into their PKB account and searching the Org with the name and DOB. When they find the parent/guardian, they need to add the parent/guardian's email address by clicking 'Edit demographics' and 'Add email'.

If the parent/guardian already has a PKB record, go into the child's PKB record and add them as a carer under the sharing tab (as a professional) and 'add carer' from the patient list (as a coordinator).

The screenshot below is from a professional record.

If the parent/guardian does not have a PKB patient record, the professional or coordinator will need to create a patient record for them and then add them as a carer in the steps above.

Acceptable forms of ID:


- Birth certificate

- Adoption certificate

- Photo ID e.g. passport,

- Driving license (provisional license)


- Passport

- Photo ID driving license

Preventing carers automatically being removed when a child turns 16

When a child turns 16, they can gain the capacity to manage their PKB record and their consent must be gained for the continuation of sharing their record with their parent or guardian. If a child is deemed not capable, a team can stop the access of the record being given to the 16 year old.

Three months before a child’s 16th birthday, PKB sends an email to the child, their carers and the coordinators of all teams looking after the child reminding everyone of the upcoming birthday and that the child's capacity needs to be assessed.

A coordinator in any of the child's team will have the ability to override this automatic removal, for example, if the child does not have the capacity or the child has explicitly consented for their carers to continue to have access.

The steps to prevent a carer from being automatically removed from a child’s record are on the PKB’s Manual pages here.

Safeguarding concern

If anyone in the team has safeguarding concerns or you find a safeguarding flag in the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record there is the ability to freeze a child’s PKB record. The steps to freeze a child’s record are here.