Umbrella team structure

Patients Know Best was built to scale across teams, organisations and countries using the patient as the integrator. The typical deployment starts with a single team in an organisation using PKB for their clinical staff, the patients these staff use, and the clinical professionals from other organisations looking after these same patients. As the deployment succeeds, other teams in the organisation (for example other departments in the same hospital) begin to adopt PKB for their patients.

This section of the help site describes the benefits and best practices of organisation-wide deployment. For tailored advice and local support on bringing PKB to the rest of your organisation, please contact the PKB Success Team.

Where are patients loaded?

  • Patients are loaded to the umbrella team
  • Will also belong to at least one speciality team underneath the umbrella team
  • In the example diagram above, 6 patient lists will need to be maintained before the integration, one for the umbrella team and one for each of the speciality teams
  • Patients will therefore appear on at least two of these lists
  • Password reset could be done by professional or coordinator at speciality level or the coordinator at umbrella level

How will the multi-team approach show in terms of patient invites?

  • Patients will receive an email inviting them to the team that has just added their email address (so maybe email addresses should ideally be added at speciality team level- so they are messaged by a service they recognise?)
  • The patient would then register and see any other teams they had already been linked with before their email address was added- they will see the umbrella team and potentially other speciality teams at this point
  • They would get a walk through of teams and the default consents for those teams- and have an opportunity to edit this consent
  • The Umbrella team would normally have default zero access
  • Each of the speciality teams can set their own default consent levels (from general, sexual and mental health as well as social care)

Where are professionals loaded?

  • Professionals can be uploaded to both the umbrella team and and relevant speciality teams, or just the speciality teams alone
  • If they are loaded into the umbrella team, professionals should be set as uncontactable in the umbrella team so they can only message the patients they share a speciality with and vice versa
  • A professional list per speciality will need to be maintained for bulk upload (or they can be manually uploaded in the user interface one by one) as well as full list of all professionals in the organisation for the umbrella team
  • They can be uploaded to more than one speciality team due to the multi-team functionality
  • Their passwords can be reset by the coordinator of their speciality team or the umbrella level coordinator
  • professionals would access a patient through the org team if they want to see a patient who is not currently registered under their speciality
  • This would be useful in scenarios such as a child who repeatedly moves between schools due to a safeguarding issue and the School Nurse needs to have advanced sight of that record before the child moves into catchment and into their service
  • A professional who is only in a speciality team will also be able to search in their org list and Ask for Access to the patient

The coordinators

  • Each speciality team will need to have a coordinator, but this can all be controlled by central staff through a multi-team approach, one login in could prompt them to pick which team they want to be coordinator for in that session (including coordinator access to the umbrella team)
  • Org level library can be done by the umbrella coordinators
  • All patients will be onboarded to the umbrella team by the umbrella coordinator
  • The speciality coordinator role will need to be used to onboard the patients and professionals to the speciality teams
  • Because patients and professionals are all enrolled in the umbrella team, the password resets can be done by either the relevant speciality team coordinators or the umbrella level coordinators

Which actions would be done by speciality-level coordinators ONLY?

  • Care plans- if/when your organisation starts to use these they will need to loaded at speciality team level so that care plans for the diabetes team (e.g.) cannot be picked up by professionals from another service
  • The speciality coordinator role will need to be used to onboard the patients and professionals to the speciality teams

Will everyone see the organisation-wide library?

  • The patients will all see as they are part of the umbrella team
  • The professional would only see it by looking at it through a patient’s record